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My Incredible India. Part 1

As every fire starts with a spark, every great life-experience starts with a single thought, event or a person, who changes your worldview and turns your way to the opposite direction.
My story of discovering the country of dreams and wonders was initiated by all mentioned factors together.
Being a member of the biggest international youth organisation AIESEC, which provides an exclusive opportunity for personal and professional growth through internships around the world, I couldn’t imagine my future development without going for exchange. During all 3 years of my membership I’ve been motivating and persuading people around to make a step out of their comfort zones and experience work in another country. It’s not easy to sell a product if you have never tried it, and it’s much more difficult to realize the whole value and benefits of it, and still being not able to go for it. So at the time I became the President of AIESE C Simferopol I made a strong decision of how my future in AIESEC would look like.There was only one question which remained open : “Which country?” Not an easy choice if you take into account the fact that AIESEC is represented in 107 countries of the world, but as I mentioned once we are lucky to live in the world of circumstances and occasions, where everything is connected and influenced by each other.
In my case the answer to that question (which is now asked by local people in the form of “Why did you decide to come to India?”) usually has several reasons behind:
1) Event. There is one grand and unique conference in AIESEC, which gathers more than 700 people from all over the world and represents the essence of leadership and cultural diversity through the range of great events and atmosphere of enjoying participation – AIESEC International Congress. This year it is organized by AIESEC India – an important factor for a person who has always wanted to join the Global plenary of successful young leaders from all over the world.
2) Person. This reason as long as the following ones defined not only the country, but the city for mПолностью выровнятьy internship. Who could ever think that hosting of an Indian intern from Kyiv would end up with a great friendship. Arunesh Moudgil – the exhange participant from AIESEC Chandigarh, being such a lively, patriotic and positive personality simply changed my perception of India.
3) №1. AIESEC Chandigarh is the leading Local Committee out of more than 700 representatives all over the world. Providing hundreds of Exchange opportunities every year, it is a real craddle of cultural diversity and learning experience for everyone, who wants to experience working in the international environment.
4) Chandigarh is the cleanest, greenest and most well-planned city in the whole India. Along with unique and colourful Indian culture it’s the best place for getting cultural and working experience. Amazing traditions, hospitable people, incredible places and things –all these made the impressive influence on my decision to discover India in its full.
And here THE STORY begins!

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